Jumble Sale This Way (What is the Feminist Jumble Sale?)

Welcome to The Feminist Jumble Sale, a creative writing blog launched in celebration of the centenary of International Women’s Day on March 8th 2011. Come on in and have a rummage amongst the white elephants, dead men’s suits, old ladies’ trinkets, dirty laundry, bric-a-brac and cake stall.  You will find writings by women and men: fiction, politics, autobiography, critique and maybe the odd poem.  Our Jumble Sale is a broad church hall and feminist into the bargain. What else is there to be?

We aim to publish a new edition every two months and we’d love some donations of anything loosely tied to the month’s theme.  Please feel free to submit your bric-a-brac, air your dirty linens or wave your placards here, and we will curate all submissions and publish them together each issue.

Issue 1: Bloody Men published 8 March 2011

Issue 2: Bloody Women published 1 May 2011

Issue 3: Bloody Weddings published 4 July 2011

Issue 4: Bloody Heritage published 5 September 2011

Drop your bin-bags and broken electrical items in to us at feministjumble@hotmail.co.uk


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