Feminist Jumble Sale Contributors

Celia Forbes

Celia is a teacher who  has worked around the world and now resides in East London. She turned her hand to writing after attending a course at Bishopsgate Institute. She writes a lot of the Blog’s tweets @FeministJumble

Emily Jost

Emily is fairly new to this writing game. A fine artist by training, she has day jobs in arts education and heritage engagement, and has a sideline in jewellery design.  Amongst other things, she has taken up Celia’s challenge to write an actual whole bloody book by July 2012.

She blogs about interior design, curating and collecting here jostification.wordpress.com, occasionally tweets @GetJostified and her jewellery can be seen here jostified.co.uk

Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor comes from Glasgow but lives in Shetland where he works in a hospital.  He has been published in a few magazines and anthologies in Scotland and has also written novels but had no joy  getting those into print so far.  He got to know Celia in China when they were both teaching English there.  Later, the two of them met Emily at a writer’s workshop in London.  All three share the same birthday, though that’s not the main reason they’ve kept in touch.  You can contact Jim at jtaylor_home@hotmail.co.uk

Zoe Ranson

Zoe Ranson is a writer and alt rock fanatic. She has had three songs written about her. None of them were hits. Drunk people have told her she looks like PJ Harvey. She doesn’t mind this at all and is aware that drunk people may be confused.

Roger Davidson

Roger Davidson was born in a small village in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland and studied English literature and philosophy  at Glasgow University. He now lives with his wife and cats just west of Montreal, Canada, where he teaches art to children and writes occasional stories and articles.


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